Missionary Cooperative Plan 2020 – Going Virtual

Our present reality with COVID 19 has been challenging for everyone in the world. Most of these challenges have been sacrificing once known freedoms and a certain amount of control over our lives. One aspect where we have been especially challenged in the Mission Office is with the coordination of the Missionary Cooperative Plan, known as the MCP. Each year we receive nearly 200 requests from various mission groups asking to come to our diocese to make a mission appeal. Obviously, with the precaution of social distancing, the missioners do not have a physical audience, nor can they travel even if they did.

Our hearts are in solidarity with them, especially since most of them count on the MCP to sustain their much needed mission works. Having been a missionary myself, working in Brazil for about 32 years, I know what every donation means to a missioner and the people she/he serves. So, we are inviting you to be in solidarity with them, too, by giving whatever you can to the MCP appeal in support the groups who have been approved for 2020. You may donate online or by sending a check made payable to “Diocese of Joliet Pontifical Mission Societies” and mailing to the Joliet Diocese Mission Office at 16555 Weber Road, Crest Hill, Illinois 60403. ((Put “MCP” on the memo line.) 100% of your giving will go to these organizations. You can see the list below. Each week we will be highlighting one of our missionary groups so that you will know a more about the work they do for God’s people.

We know that times are and will continue to be financially challenging for many. Please do what you can and remember that your prayers for the missioners and their good works are always appreciated. God does not call everyone to work directly among God’s poor and needy here and in other countries. But you are part of the Church’s mission. Your support with prayers and financial aid makes mission work possible. Bless you all! Let us keep in mind what Pope Francis has said: We are mission!

Here is the full list of mission groups participating in this years MCP.

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