Our Friends – Your Friends

About 25 years ago Partnership in Mission of the Diocese of Joliet began a short-term mission trip in Sucre, Bolivia. It began with a concern for the lack of health care facilities for the poor people. With funds donated by our benefactors and other means, we were able to build and expand a hospital which is currently run by the religious congregation of St. John of God. In time the mission has expanded to construction works and outreach projects. Following that the partnership included an alliance with the Archdiocesan Catholic Charities which has developed some very important work with the poor in Sucre.

Our projects with PASCAR (Catholic Charities of Sucre) initiated with the financial support of the Partnership in Mission of the Diocese of Joliet are reaching out to the indigenous people of Bolivia by supporting their Justice Houses. It is a program where small claims cases among the Quechua people will be able to settle their own disputes according to their customs and traditions. The the education about justice and human rights and the training of the “judges” has begun. Another program of building a community bakery to supply food and a source of income for the people has begun. Water with Blessings is an active project of some years already and is showing signs of the improvement of the children’s health in the communities.

However like most of our countries, with the COVID 19, Sucre is under a stay-at-home order. The projects mentioned above are on hold, but PASCAR isn’t. PASCAR takes its mission very seriously and now they are investing their human and financial resources in creating programs of education about the COVID 19 especially among the indigenous people where outside communication is difficult. They are delivering cleaning materials especially to the older people and helping them to understand how the materials should be used. With the aid of other organizations, a “mobile banking” system has been developed to help people pay their rent in the farthest of the provinces. Of course, the biggest need is delivering food to the families, especially those with children.

We are so proud of them and their work and want to share with you this good news. Here you will see some short videos of their work and pictures of the people they serve and their own teams. Please take the time to see them and pray for them. There are so many good and generous people helping people to survive. Come and know our friends and be a friend to them.

We welcome you to support them with your prayers and thoughts. If you would like to take it a step further support them financial by donating here. (Please note on your donation “Sucre, Bolivia” to ensure donations are properly applied.)

Sister Nancy is a Franciscan of the Sacred Heart and Formation Director for the Joliet Diocese Missions.

Now we invite your thoughts. Please share in the comments section below. And while you’re here, continue on a virtual mission by reading more of our stories and reflections as we discover together how “We are Mission”.

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