Ignite Your Faith – Live God’s Plan for You

I know these are very disturbing and often challenging times, when getting through the next day seems almost impossible. Perhaps this is a good moment to take some time to stop and do a check-in with your God. Where does God see you in this moment of the history of humanity?  What is yours to do? What is mine to do? Even though you may have answered those questions on a larger scale, for instance in your choice of lifestyle, each day we need to ask ourselves what is it that God expects of me today.

Pope Francis says this in his message to the delegates of the 2020 World Economic Forum held in Switzerland last January: “The overriding consideration, never to be forgotten, is that we are all members of one human family. The moral obligation to care for one another flows from this fact, as does the correlative principle of placing the human person, rather than the mere pursuit of power or profit, at the very center of public policy.”

So, yes, we need to take care of each other. We have seen so many beautiful and inspiring examples of giving that adults, young people, adolescents and children are creating and doing to ease the pain of these days. Is there something that you can do to bring joy and peace into the lives of others?

Last Sunday and this week we are hearing about the Good Shepherd. The good shepherd knows who she/he needs to take care of, just as Jesus did. The good shepherd is not just a hierarchal position, but a position of assuming responsibility for those who need care without exclusion. We are God’s sheep, but we are also God’s shepherds. Here is a short video that will help you reflect on what you can do to be a good shepherd.

This video tells us that by “doing” God’s will, our faith will be ignited. That is true, but is that why we give of ourselves? I would like to propose that, the giving of ourselves comes from the knowledge that I am responsible for my sisters and brothers no matter who they are, what religion they practice, what sexual orientation they are, what social-economic status they possess. We all are of the same human family.

Sister Nancy is a Franciscan of the Sacred Heart and Formation Director for the Joliet Diocese Missions.

Now we invite your thoughts. Please share in the comments section below. And while you’re here, continue on a virtual mission by reading more of our stories and reflections as we discover together how “We are Mission”.

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