Hospital Cristo de las Américas – Sucre Bolivia and Mission From A Distance

Hospital Cristo de las Américas, established by the Joliet Diocese Partnership in Mission in 2000 through a collaborative effort of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God and the Archdiocese of Sucre, shares a message of solidarity and gratitude and invites you to participate in Faith Promise 2020: Mission From A Distance. Learn more about Faith Promise 2020 and how you can participate in “Mission From a Distance.”

A Special Invitation for Medical Professionals

Today, as we feature Hospital Cristo de las Americas in our “Mission From A Distance” invitation, we want to emphasize our need for an ever growing team of medical professionals to join us in mission, not only in Sucre, Bolivia, but in the Philippines, Uganda, and two other locations we hope to announce in the coming months. To meet current needs and to expand our reach, we are praying for God to add to our number dedicated surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, dentists, pediatricians, primary care physicians, and other clinicians. We offer a wide range of medical services and are in need of multiple specialties. Among those, we seek team members who are passionate about teaching, excited to share their skills and medical knowledge with our healthcare colleagues, as well as eager medical and nursing students in our mission communities.

Historically the core of our work has been surgical outreach. We offer life saving and life transforming procedures to the poorest of the poor, Thousands of lives have been saved or rescued from years of suffering. We go to perform surgery for those who may very likely never have access to this care. We go to offer training in skills and education in medical knowledge to our partners, even as we learn from them. And we go to deliver surgical equipment and medical supplies much needed for our partners to continue the work throughout the year, and year after year.

For our veteran missioners, we ask you to share your story. Your testimony may be all it takes to inspire someone to begin this journey of mission, a journey which has been transformational for all those who have embarked upon it. Be intentional. As you walk the halls of your hospital or workplace, ask the Holy Spirit, “Who of my co-workers do you wish me to invite on mission today?”

We will return to the field someday. And when we do, let it be with a seven-fold increase in missioners, long time veterans and first-timers together. And if you’ve never gone with us on mission before, seek God’s will about joining us and encourage others to consider the same.


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