Missioner on the move

One of the great joys of mission is meeting people from all walks of life. Some you meet once and you remember them at the moment of meeting. Others you meet on occasion and you remember what they do and how you interacted with them. And then there are those that you meet and form bonds of friendship and they become trusted persons to help you accomplish great works. Dr. Nelson Escobar is one of those trusted persons. Dr. Nelson has been active with our missions since 2008 when he joined the mission team to Ecuador. Next was the mission to Kenya. In 2013 he joined the mission team to Sucre, Bolivia. It was in Sucre when I got to know Dr. Nelson. He quickly recognized the value of developing a mobile medical clinic team. Over the last years the mobile medical clinic team has served hundreds of patients in their hometowns and villages. Because he was born in Peru he could easily communicate with the people and relate to their lives and culture. Mission team members would comment on how he took time to listen to the people and treat them with compassion. His caring approach to mission is a great example of God’s love for us to follow. I have watched him treat patients. It was clear he felt their pains and celebrated their joy. To see him hug a patient as he finished their treatment and see the look on their faces expressing that they were acknowledged as someone important. One couldn’t but think if that is how Jesus was with people. Dr. Nelson says it is time to retire, again. He will be moving to Florida to live near his daughter’s family. Whether he will travel on mission again is difficult to say. We don’t know when covid-19 will let us travel to our mission partners again. I hope Dr. Nelson will continue the advise and consult on our missions for as long as he is able. Dr. Nelson is a great friend. I will miss his smile and hugs. Please join me in wishing him well as he moves to Florida. He will be missed.

One thought on “Missioner on the move

  1. Congratulations Nelson!!! It was a privilege for me to get to work with you and to get to know you in Sucre. I could talk about your incredible work as a physician, your charm, your leadership skills, your dedication to service, your faith, your HUMILITY, or your universal respect for others, but there is one thing really stuck with me from our Mission (2013). I remember you asking our bus driver to pick people up as we made it to our destination. When I asked you if this is how they do things down here (as in, a private bus drives by and just picks up random people up on the side of the road) you simple said- “if you can help, you do”.
    That stuck with me since. It’s so simple and it makes service easy for me when challenged with the what/how/why of it all.
    I sincerely wish you the best on your retirement and your new adventure.
    Warmest wishes, Erin


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